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History of Gyeongju

The history of Gyeongju, capital of the 992-year Silla dynasty, is a history of Silla itself.

The Silla Kingdom was established when the six clans inhabiting the Gyeongju plain nominated Park Hyeokgeose as their king. They developed a political system and began incorporating neighboring chiefdoms

During the reign of the 22nd King, Ji-jeung, ‘Silla’ was confirmed as the nation’s name. During the reign of the 23rd King, Beob-heung, Buddhism was officially adopted as the state religion, ushering in the era of beauty and splendor of Buddhist culture.

In this way Silla defined a nation’s quality and moreover unified with the Goguryeo and Baekje kingdoms. In the year 676 Silla achieved the unification of the three kingdoms.


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