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Cafe in the Clouds


#구름위에 카페 시원한 전경 쾌적한 실내 최상의 원료 이용시간: 09:00 ~ 18:00

Cafe in the Clouds Menu
(Unit: KRW)
Drink nameHOT ICEDrink nameHOT ICE
Americano2,5003,000Café latte3,0003,500
Cappuccino3,0003,500Vanilla latte3,5004,000
Caramel latte3,5004,000Café mocha4,0004,500
Caramel macchiato4,0004,500Green tea latte3,5004,000
Sweet potato latte3,5004,000Hot chocolate3,5004,000
Lemonade4,000Peach-flavored iced tea3,500
Lemon tea, citron tea3,5004,000Peppermint/chamomile tea4,0004,500