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"Gyeongju World Culture Expo Ticket Purchase Benefits"

  • Applies to: Holders of expo tickets(Individual attraction tickets, Integrated ticket, FLYing performance)
  • Period: March 18 ~ November 30, 2019
  • Affiliate discount information (excluding groups, on the day of the ticket only)
Partner CategoryRegular priceDiscounted priceNotesContain number
Entry fee
  • Adults 7,500KRW
  • Children 6,500KRW
  • Adults 5,000KRW
  • Children 4,000KRW
1 ticket per person054-744-7997
Gyeongju WorldUnlimited
use ticket
  • Adults: 44,000KRW
  • Teenagers: 38,000KRW
  • Children: 31,000KRW
  • Adults: 34,000KRW
  • Teenagers: 28,000KRW
  • Children: 21,000KRW
Up to 4 people per ticket054-745-7711
Blue One
Entry fee
  • High/gold season: 30% discount
  • Low/white season: 40% discount
4 people per ticket
※ Within one month of ticket issuance date
Old NeighborhoodEntry fee
  • Adults 7,500KRW
  • Elderly, disables, veterans 6,500KRW
  • Teenagers 6,000KRW
  • Children 5,000KRW
  • Adults 6,000KRW
  • Elderly, disables, veterans 5,000KRW
  • Teenagers 4,500KRW
  • Children 3,000KRW
1 ticket per person054-748-5002
Eastern Palace,Bird parkIntegrated entry ticket
  • Adults 18,000KRW
  • Teenagers 16,000KRW
  • Children 13,000KRW
  • Young children 10,000KRW
  • Adults 14,000KRW
  • Teenagers 12,000KRW
  • Children 10,000KRW
  • Young children 8,000KRW
1 ticket per personEastern Palace054-779-8725Bird park054-777-7200
Millennium VRUnlimiteduse ticket
Adults 24,000KRW
Children 18,000KRW
<Weekends >
Adults 34,000KRW
Children 28,000KRW
Adults 12,000KRW
Children 9,000KRW
<Weekends >
Adults 17,000KRW
Children 14,000KRW
Up to 4 people per ticket070-7719-9900
CineQ (Gyeongju Bomun)Use fee Adults 10,000KRWAdults 8,000KRWOne ticket per person2000KRW discount on combo items at the store (excludes some combos)1544-1533
Junk Art MuseumEntry feeAdults, teenagers, Children 15,000KRW
Pohang/Gyeongju residents 10,000KRW
Adults, teenagers, Children 8,000KRW
Pohang/Gyeongju residents 8,000KRW
Please inquire about groups with over 20
One ticket per person010-9469-9050
Gyeongju Hotel
  • Room rates : Weekdays 50, weekends 40% discount
  • Spa and sauna : 8,500KRW (Regular price13,000KRW)
One reservation per person
Oryu Camping Ground

Forest Lodge
30% discount on weekdays during the low seasonPlease inquireOryu Camping Ground
Tohamsan Forest Lodge
Asaga Tea Pavilion (tea house)Tea, coffee10% discount on all Asaga Tea Pavilion menuOne order per person054-741-1218

※ Affiliate discounts may be subject to modification by affiliate partners without prior notice, so please check before using them.