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Silk Road Golden Road

  • 행사 실크로드 판타지 여행 비단길ㆍ황금길-Golden Road 21 A fantastic journey to find a mysterious story buried in the Silk Road desert.

From the ancient Gyeongju, which was home to a brilliant golden culture, we set out to experience the historical flow of the three routes along the Silk Road, the grassland road, the desert road and the maritime road which are the three major routes of the Silk Road and to appreciate the future vision of the new Silk Road.

Exhibition Overview

  • Exhibition Name : Silk Road, Golden Road - GOLDEN ROAD 21
  • Period : March 26 ~ November 30, 2019
  • Venue : Cheonma Palace
비단길ㆍ황금길-Golden Road 21

Exhibition flow

  • Consists of an exhibition in which history, narratives, and experiences are woven together

    From the beginning of the Silk Road to the journey along the Silk Road - from the Past to the Present of the Silk Road – Encounters along the Silk Road – Silk Road Vision - Towards a New Eurasia

Space composition and visitor flow

공간구성 1.프리쇼-실크로드로의 [출발] 계림에서 시작되는 경주 실크로드 여정의 시작 2.브릿지1-실크로드를 걷는 [여정] 초원길, 사막길, 바닷길 체험 3.메인쇼1-과거에서현재로의 실크로드 [기록] 천년의 길, 천년의 이야기 4.브릿지2-실크로드와의 [만남] 소통, 융합, 창조, 교류의 길 실크로드의 비밀을 만나다 5.메인쇼2-실크로드의 [비전] 경주가 새롭게 시작하는 문화로드 新 실크로드 6.포스트존-새로운 실크로드의 [도약] 실크로드 로드맵 제시-유라시아의 시작, 경주 관람동선 IN OUT

Exhibition details

1. The golden culture of the north, flowering in Gyelim Forest!1-1Pre-show
  • Exhibition to re-examine the glorious golden culture of Silla
  • Traces and links of the golden culture of Silla transmitted along the Silk Road
2. Silk Road,the beginning of a great journey2-1Intro
  • Exhibition highlighting the history of the Eastern and Western Silk Road at a glance
  • Provision of main information of Silk Road countries on a video map
2-2 Grassland road
  • The images of the grassland route are visualized via actual images and videos. The relics of Silla related to the grassland road are displayed
  • Evidence of how the Silla people emigrated south is shown in a documentary video
2-3Desert road

Displaying historical facts on the people who influenced the history of Silk Road through panels

2-4Maritime road
  • Relics and evidence of trade along the maritime route are on display
  • Reexamination of the Maritime Silk Road through the Young Hyecho Documentary
3.A millennial road ,within a narrative3-1Sand Art
  • Embodies the story of the Silk Road through sand sculptures
  • Projection of a sand animation mapping video based on the story flow
3-2Sand Interactive Exhibit
  • Interactive imagery of a sand waterfall in the desert
  • Experience the physical phenomenon of splitting and tearing when you touch sand with your hand
4.Meet the secret of the Silk Road!4-1Desert Canyon

Reproduces the image of a large desert canyon as a model

4-2Bridge section

Visualize the doors of the Silk Road's architectural style with interesting expression techniques such as through mysterious kaleidoscopes

5.Gyeongju,the Beginning of a Eurasian Future5-1270-degree Circular video

The future of the Eurasia Initiative, starting from Gyeongju, with a large 270-degree circular video and stereo sound

6.Eurasia,taking steps toward the dream6-1Post Zone

Interactive Virtual Silk Road Journey along 3 Silk Road Routes