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Seokguram HMD Travel Experience Pavilion

체험 및 참여ㆍ석굴암 HMD트래블 체험관ㆍ세계 최고의 미학, 석굴암을 HMD기술과 스토리텔링 전시기법을 통한 Multi-Communication체험관을 조성하엿습니다.

Seokguram, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is recreated with VR content that incorporates advanced technology. HMD technology is combined with an Omni 3D virtual experience and storytelling exhibition techniques to help create a realistic simulation of Seokguram.One-Source-Communication ICT convergence experience zone


  • Period : 2019. 3. 18 ~ 11. 30
  • Opening time : 09:00 ~ 18:00
  • Venue: Gyeongju Tower 1F Observatory
  • Time: 15 minutes
  • Capacity: 8 people

Preview Video

Experience Zone Composition

  • Zone 1 Silk Road Route from the Silk Road to Seokguram
  • Zone 2 Explore how the Silk Road and Seokguram unite East-West Culture in Seoguram's originality and excellence via UHD TV
  • Zone 3(HMD Travel Experience)

    - Explore Seokguram via actual HMD, an interactive experience space

    체험관 Zone 3
  • Zone 4History and Structure of Seokguram
  • Zone 5Seokguram and the Future of the Eurasian Silk Road