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The anguish of love and sacrifice rising over the ambition of greed and power, and the sublime story of Silla history rewritten.

Performance Outline

  • Performance Name: Silla Emile
  • Performance Period
    • March 17 ~ November 30, 2019
  • Performance time : Tuesday - Saturday 19:30 / Sunday 18:00 (Closed on Mondays)
  • Performance venue : Gyeongju Expo Park Cultural Center Munmu Hall
  • Running Time : 75min
  • Performance Inquiries & ticket reservations
    • Jeongdong Theater: 054-740-3800
    • Interpark: 1544-1555

Performance Points

  • Episode 1 _ A hidden story from the Silla period will capture the audience’s hearts with the love story
    • between King Hyegong of Silla and his lover Emile that crosses social boundaries
    • A performance that blends historical facts and folks tales into a creative performance
  • Episode 2 _ Enjoy the most amazing and captivating recreation on stage
    • of the Shilla era, complete with a banquet of light in a kaleidoscope of colors
  • Episode 3 _ Gorgeous dances and movements that evoke the choreographic
    • traditions of Shilla will capture the audience’s attention and reflect a thousand years of history on stage


  • Silla, which achieved the feat of being the first unified nation on the Korean peninsula, now suffers from a lack of successors.
  • Ignoring the warning of the Sky God that doing so will jeopardize the succession of the royal line, Prince Hyegong is born. However, the schemes and threats of Yoong arising from greed and a lust for power continue unabated, and the reign of Hyegong is shaken to its core.
  • At this time, the commoner Emile and Hyegong meet by chance, fall in love at once, and Yoong uses this to attempt to usurp the regime.
  • Yoong abducts Emile and attempts to cajole her into murdering Hyegong. She firmly rejects this proposition and risks her own life in an escape attempt but is forced into servitude again by Yoong for use as a hostage to lure Hyegong. Once Emile discovers this plot, she throws herself into a boiling pot of iron mold. Hyegong then cries out in sadness, beset by anger.