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공연ㆍ재미있는 예술공연ㆍ플라잉 화랑원정대 신라 화랑이 도망간 도깨비를 잡기 위해 현대의 고등학교로 시간이동하며 벌어지는 헤프닝을 다룬 유쾌한 넌버벌 퍼포먼스(무언어 퓨전 예술극)입니다.

An enjoyable nonverbal performance (non-verbal fusion arts performance) that deals with time travel and the subsequent events that take place in a contemporary high school as part of efforts by Silla Hwarang to catch escaped goblins.

Performance overview

  • Performance Name: FLYing
  • Performance period
    • April - November, 2019 (no performance during extreme hot/cold weather)
  • Duration : Each month's performance time is different. Please refer to the events for this month.
  • Venue: Cultural Center in Gyeongju World Culture Expo Park
  • Running Time: 75 minutes (no intermission)
  • ※ Visitors are entitled to Expo paid attractions (Gyeongju Tower, 3D animation, Jurassic Road) when they watch the FLYing performance.
  • When visitors collect their tickets, they must pay the difference in price if discount documentation is not provided.
  • ※ For group inquiries (more than 20 people), please call (054-775-0815)

Performance Introduction

  • The extreme Performance <FLYing>is a work created by Choi Chul-gi (Senior Director of 'Nanta', 'Jump', 'Bebop'), a representative of Gyeongsangbuk-do, Gyeongju City and a pioneer in Korean non-verbal creative arts.
  • All the actors in the performance are former athletes of the Korean National Team (in rhythmic gymnastics, gymnastics, martial arts, and bboying sports) and combine the flair of splendid technology and familiarity of goblins in a show that everyone can enjoy.

Performance Points

  • Episode 1 _ Episode 1 _ Shilla goblins suddenly appear at a Hwarang martial arts competition venue!
    • In 609 AD, during the reign of the Shilla King Jinpyeong, the goblins appear at the martial arts competition venue used by the Hwarang and turn the scene into a pandemonium before escaping via time travel to the present day.
    • The goblins arrive at a high school in the 21st century and meet a cheerleading team in front of the competition.
  • Episode 2 _ Door of Time
    • Having arrived in the present through the doors of time, the Hwarang and goblins help the cheerleading team practice, and the Hwarang and a stocky girl fall in love ...
  • Episode 3 _ National Cheerleading Contest
    • The cheerleading team wins the national cheerleading contest with the help of the Hwarang and the goblins.
    • But the joy is short lived, as it is time for the Hwarang and the goblin to cross over the door of time again and go back to the classical era...
공연ㆍ재미있는 예술공연ㆍ플라잉 화랑원정대 신라 화랑이 도망간 도깨비를 잡기 위해 현대의 고등학교로 시간이동하며 벌어지는 헤프닝을 다룬 유쾌한 넌버벌 퍼포먼스(무언어 퓨전 예술극)입니다.


  • Hosted by: Gyeongsangbuk-do, Gyeongju
  • Sponsorship: Korea Arts Council
  • Production: Persona Inc, Gyeongju World Culture Expo Joint Project