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3D animation

영상 및 조명ㆍ3D애니메이션 첨성대영상관 1일 8회 상영합니다.


  • Period : 2019. 3. 18 ~ 11. 30
  • Venue: Cheomseongdae Film Hall
  • Running Time: Less than 20 minutes
  • Number of screenings: 8 times a day, once per hour Screening
  • Showtimes: 10:00 ~ 17:00


ShowtimesScreening WorksTime RequiredShowtimesScreening WorksTime Required
10:00Mother Hen23 minutes14:00Dream of Chunma17 minutes
11:00Mud Warrior ChaCha18 minutes15:00Mud Warrior ChaCha18 minutes
12:00Dream of Chunma17 minutes16:00Dream of Chunma17 minutes
13:00Byeok Ru Cheon28 minutes17:00Byeok Ru Cheon28 minutes

Screening Works

  • [Dream of Chunma], [Mud Warrior ChaCha], [Byeok Ru Cheon], [Mother Hen]
영상 및 조명ㆍ3D애니메이션 상영작품포스터입니다.

Video Preview – Mud Warrior ChaCha (3 minutes)


TitlePlotTime Required
Dream of ChunmaA dramatic fantasy reconstructing a mystical narrative centering around the story of the noble love of the Hwarang Gaparang and Maiden Seonhwa, who sacrificed their lives for the peace and prosperity of Silla17 minutes
Mud Warrior ChaChaA love story that depicts the dreams and adventures of a Mud Warrior ChaCha and the young girl Yuji, who sacrifice themselves to save Silla18 minutes
Mother HenMother Hen and her nine pheasant chicks spend a warm spring day amicably. But their family’s happiness does not last long. Wildfires arise, and the beautiful forests turn into an abyss as the forest animals struggle to escape, but the surrounding areas merely becomes a web of fire. Trapped in a situation where the pheasant family has no way out, Mother Hen saves all 9 pheasant chicks in the end. 23 minutes
Byeok Ru CheonThe love story of Jigui, who transcends differences in status to fall for Queen Seondeok, who is trying to defend Silla against King Baekryong, who is seeking to rebuild the dragon race seeking to destroy humanity.28 minutes